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"As The Healthy Lifestyle Company, our mission is to provide you with an honest and viable referral marketing program, utilizing the most recent advances in nutritional science, to realistically improve your prospects for a better quality of life and good health as you age. We assure you that we will never compromise the integrity of the products or the business program we offer, nor the philosophy that stands behind them. Our values are rooted in a members-first tradition."

A Recognized Path To A Physically and Fiscally Healthy Lifestyle

Pro Image International was founded in 1995 by CEO Tony Shaw, and is a debt-free, privately-held company with a solid reputation for it's commitment to excellence, integrity and unmatched quality of both it's products and business program.

A Distributor-friendly Company

Tony Shaw

Anthony Shaw, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Tony Shaw was raised in Washington, PA and went on to graduate from LSU in Baton Rouge, LA with a degree in Education. After college, he entered the Marine Corps and became a Naval Aviator and trained as a Fighter Pilot in the F-4 aircraft. During the Vietnam War, Tony was stationed throughout the Far East and was Honorably Discharged as a Captain in 1974.

After four years of owning a major appliance store in Pensacola, FL, Tony entered the cosmetics field as an independent distributor for Espree Cosmetics Corporation. Because of his success as a distributor, he was asked to join the Espree corporate staff in Dallas, TX to serve as National Development Director.

In January of 1981, Tony went to work for Mary Kay Cosmetics in Dallas as the Director of Sales Development. In his ten years with Mary Kay, Tony was involved in, and contributed to, every major program and improvement in sales, marketing and administration implemented during that period.

Tony worked with Mary Kay Ash directly, traveled with her to many parts of the world, and directly represented her in his position with the company. In those ten years, he saw the growth of Mary Kay go from $50 Million to over $300 million.

Tony moved to California to became the Vice President of Marketing for Arbonne International in 1990, developing all marketing strategies for this direct sales cosmetics company. However, missing Texas, he cut his stint short with Arbonne to move back to Dallas where he went to work for Surface Solutions, a party plan company.

Over the next two years Tony immersed himself in the study of the formulation of both skin care products and nutritional supplements. Tony researched and developed a very successful line of diet supplements at that time, and the sales of Surface Solutions grew in excess of 500% during his two years there.

Becoming aggravated with the Dallas lifestyle and commute, Tony moved to the resort area of Austin, TX called Lakeway, which is the home of Pro Image International today. Starting his own nutritional supplement development and distribution company, Uni Star Pro, there in 1993, Tony has never looked back. He developed contracts with fitness centers, health food stores, GNC and more.

Because of his background, expertise and love for the referral marketing distribution method, Tony founded the unique uni-level company, Pro Image International (originally called Pro Star) in the summer of 1995. This allows his products to be offered to consumers through a personal relationship that builds brand intimacy and loyalty.

Tony Shaw's experience, integrity and vision continues to guide Pro Image International well into our second decade of business.

The Pro Image International management team is driven by the knowledge that what makes the distributor successful will make the company successful. They work hard to continually be innovative in their approach to compensation, as well as offering cutting-edge products that focus on quality, effectiveness and value.

The management team tirelessly devotes itself to our vision and values, while reinforcing Pro Image's commitment to what we will call our "member first" philosophy.

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