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Dream it! Do it!

VIP Membership helps you maximize your profits!

Once you've joined Pro Image International as a Business Associate, what's the quickest way to get into profit and put money in your pocket? Unquestionably it's getting started as a VIP Business Associate!

A VIP Business Associate has committed to an active 100 Personal Volume (PV) or more monthly autoship order on file. Being a VIP Member is required to earn some bonuses in our Profit Plan, including the Leadership Bonus. An added incentive is that you will recieve a FREE bottle of product each month as a VIP Associate in addition to your regular order.

Your first step for a quick start in Pro Image is to become a VIP on our 100+ PV autoship program!

15% Enroller Bonus adds to your bottom line!

When you introduce and sponsor someone with any product selections, you will earn a 15% Enroller Bonus! All new personally sponsored Business Associates go onto your first level (5%) in Pro Image's uni-level plan, and the Enroller Bonus boosts your commission to 20% for your new enrollees. Everything about the Pro Image business plan is designed to help you get into profit faster and easier!

FAST START Bonuses get you started earning sooner, not later!

When you sponsor someone with one of Pro Image International's Fast Start Packs, you will earn a Fast Start Bonus for your new Associate's initial package purchase. Along with the life-changing products for the new Associate, this puts money into your hands quicker! Everyone wins!

Car Bonus

Associates who qualify as a VIP (100 PV autoship) and resultantly qualify for the following ranks in a given month will earn a car bonus as described here, adding to your bottom line.

The Leadership Bonus leads you to highly regarded residual income!

The Leadership Bonus can greatly add to your commissions as you grow your business and as you help others in your organization to grow their business. This bonus provides you the opportunity to earn huge dollars very deep into your business organization. It pays out 2% to 4% on up to three generations deep of Presidents (Bronze, Silver and Gold) in your business group and, with this, you get rewarded for creating leaders below you. This is in addition to any other bonuses or commissions you have earned for the month. No take-away or break-away!

Only Bronze or higher rank can earn the Leadership Bonus. A "Generation" starts with the first President in a Business Associate's leg, and continues until but not including the next President in that leg.

Important Uni-Level Plan Guidelines

You are only allowed one business entity (position within the company's plan) per household. This industry standard will be enforced for the good of and the protection of all Pro Image members.

All personally sponsored new members are placed onto your first level, keeping the integrity of the uni-level plan intact. There is no optional placement feature in this next generation uni-level compensation plan.

All Business Associates must have an active monthly autoship profile of 100 PV for Executive and above in order to qualify for certain bonuses. Presidents must maintain the VIP monthly autoship status to qualify for the Leadership Bonus.