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A Straightforward Compensation Plan

Our family of loyal Business Associates know that since 1995 Pro Image International has a long history of easy-to-achieve and high-paying positions for building a business with our Profit Plan - whether you are new and just starting out or you are a career professional.

Uni-Level Compensation Plan

You are paid as high as 35% (2nd level) very early - as an Executive - on purchases in your business group (Group Volume or GV) and it goes even higher. You can also earn commissions on up to nine levels deep with our Uni-Level compensation plan and its straightforward and simple qualifications. And with the Leadership Bonus, the pay can go even deeper as your business grows!

Associate Entry Position


True Rewards For Your Growth and Creating Leaders

Note: Presidents must maintain VIP monthly autoship status (100 PV or more) to qualify for the Leadership Bonus.

The Leadership Bonus can greatly add to your commissions as you grow your business and help others to do the same. This bonus provides you the opportunity to earn huge dollars very deep into your business organization. It pays out 2% to 4% on up to three generations deep of Presidents (Bronze, Silver and Gold) in your business group and, with this, you get rewarded for creating leaders below you. This is in addition to any other bonuses or commissions you have earned for the month. No take-away or break-away!

Only Bronze or higher rank can earn the Leadership Bonus. A "Generation" starts with the first President in a Business Associate's leg, and continues until but not including the next President in that leg.

*GV outside your largest single leg defined: As an example, if you are an Executive VP (with a minimum of 2.500 Group Volume) you must have at least 1,250 Group Volume (GV) outside your single largest leg, no matter what the size is of your total GV above 2,500. Please note: GV does not include your own Personal Volume (PV).