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Advanced Enzyme Formula for a Healthy Life

Pro Enzymes is designed to assist your digestive system in breaking down food into the very smallest particles so that your cell structure obtains maximum efficiency.

When we eat food without live enzymes, we are asking our body to overwork itself by digesting 100% of the food. After years of exhaustion, the digestive system gets overused and cannot function in an efficient manner.

Undigested food particles get in the blood stream, and the immune system uses its defenses to attack each food particle as an invader. Our Mealtime Formula I was developed to digest food better, leaving the immune system to work more efficiently full time.

The Perfect Mealtime Enzymes!

Quality, full-spectrum and high-activity rate were all considered and no expense was spared when designing and manufacturing this product. The greatest care went into creating Pro Enzymes right down to the brown glass bottles which filters out light that could damage the precious enzymes.

Enzymes are "machines"

Enzymes are "machines" made of protein that makes chemical reactions happen in our bodies. Nutrients are trapped in the food we eat.

Our digestive system was designed to set the nutrients free -- but it was not designed to do this work without the help of the enzymes normally found in raw and fermented foods -- the foods our ancestors mostly ate.

These foods contain large quantities of enzymes that are highly active during the first 45 minutes of digestion. These enzymes allow the nutrients from the food to be absorbed and used by the body - to build and repair tissue, to produce energy, and to maintain a strong immune system. In short, to be strong and healthy.

Unfortunately, the majority of the foods we eat today are cooked and over-processed, which results in an almost total loss of enzyme activity in the food. This loss of enzyme activity can make digestion hard work (have you ever felt tired after a meal?) and prevent optimum digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Lack of enzymes in the modern diet is one of the major causes of the high rate of degenerative diseases found today.

Pro Enzyme to the rescue . . .

Most people today aren't willing to eat a totally raw food diet. And the raw foods we do eat are only partially able to aid in the digestion of the cooked foods we eat. The best way to enhance digestion is to supplement with enzymes.

Pro Enzyme replaces the enzymes missing in our modern day diet and aids in the digestion of all types of food including protein, starch, fat, lactose, and fiber.

The enzymes go to work at all stages of digestion to unlock the nutrients in our food and in so doing help us to achieve optimum health. They will also help those who suffer from gas, bloating, and other symptoms of indigestion.

A Healthy Gastrointestinal System

More than 60 million Americans experience digestive problems: Indigestion, bloating, gas, acid reflux, diarrhea, stomach cramps. More severe digestive disorders cause over 100,000 deaths and 13% of hospitalizations each year.

As we get older our gastrointestinal system becomes less efficient and digestive malfunctions may become more common. These digestive breakdowns are linked with heartburn, Hiatal hernia, gastritis, ulcers, hemorrhoids, constipation, cavities, gum disease, food allergies and cancer of the colon.

Your body considers digestion a top priority. Other processes including energy production, immune system and even brain functions all wait while your body digests food. If you don't digest your food thoroughly, nutrients will not reach your cells.

Your body needs a steady supply of nutrients to grow, to replace worn-out tissue and to generate energy. In order to maintain a healthy and efficient digestive system, Pro Image's Digestive Enzymes are the keys to unlock those nutrients.

Improving Digestion

Enzymes are one of the most important elements of your health and far outweigh the value of any other nutrient. Enzymes carry out almost every chemical reaction in your body. In fact, vitamins, minerals and hormones cannot do their jobs without the aid of enzymes. Enzymes are present in all raw, unprocessed foods.

Your body was designed to function on raw enzyme-rich foods which support the enzymes found naturally in your body. When enzymes are present in the raw foods you eat they predigest themselves and are quickly assimilated requiring little energy from your body.

Think of how quickly you get hungry after eating a salad for lunch. Enzymes occurring naturally in raw foods are destroyed by heating, cooking or processing.

When you eat cooked, processed foods your body is forced to supply all of the enzymes needed to digest that food and that requires an enormous amount of energy. That's why you're often tired after eating a big meal.

After years of eating an enzyme-deficient diet, your body will eventually use up its ability to produce enzymes. Symptoms of an enzyme-deficient body include fatigue, gas, constipation, headaches, colon troubles, high cholesterol and low immune resistance.

Helpful Lifestyle Hints:

    • Eat natural, organic foods including raw fruits and vegetables
    • Drink 64 ounces of additive-free water every day.
    • Exercise aerobically 3-5 times per week
FORMULA I (Mealtime) Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 3 capsules
Servings Per Container: 30
  Amount per Serving % Daily Value
Proprietary Digestive Enzyme Blend 470 mg *
To Support Protein Digestion:    
Acid Stable Protease** 10,000 ASPU/g  
Peptidase** 300,000 ASPU/g  
Protease** 500,000 HUT/g  
To Support Carbohydrate Digestion:    
Alpha Galactosidase 10,000 GALU/g  
Amylase 125,000 SKB/g  
Cellulase** 150,000 CU/g  
Glucoamylase** 1,000 AG/g  
Hemicellulase** 400,000 HCU/g  
Invertase** 200,000 SU/g  
Lactase** 100,000 LACU/g  
Pectinase 3,500 endo-PG  
Phytase 3,000 U/g  
Xylanase** 150,000 XU/g  
To Support Fat Digestion:    
Lipase** 600 FIP/g  
To Support Free Radical Digestion:    
Catalase** 2,000 U/g  
To Support Lower G.I. Tract:    
Proprietary Probiotic Blend 1.2 Billion CFU  
Plant Minerals    
Proprietary CERTIFIED ORGANIC Plant Mineral Blend 15 mg  
*Daily value not established. **Japanese sourced.

Other ingredients: Rice bran extract, capsule (vegetable cellulose, water).

Contains NO milk, soy, corn, wheat, gluten, sodium, salt, sugar, starch, fat, cholestrol, oil, animal byproducts, sterates, gelatin, emulsifier, wax, binder, lubricant, coating, diluent, color, flavor, sweetener or preservatives.

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